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Play your authentic harmony by using sound and light.

Miraculous Instrument,
Singing Ring 

sound of Singing Ring ®​ 
Singing Ring Birthday Party
和也さんに (3).png

Singing Ring birthday party will be held online again this year!

Singing Ring is 18 years old and Sion will share her special story.


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Singing Ring Seminars
Holiday Campaign

Experience Wayuru Veda Five Senses Therapy!

Let's find out which type you are from Forest sound, Water sound and Wind sound.


​Enjoy wonderful holiday gifts.

News release

October 28, 2022

★Announcement of session sheet price revision★

We will change the price of the session sheet set from Tuesday, November 1st.
Session sheet set 350 yen each (included)
Session sheet set 1,000 yen (included)  * Save 50 yen!

*The 4-piece set will no longer be sold from November.

October 14, 2022

● Event information

​☆December 10, 2022 (Saturday)

Singing Ring 18th Birthday Party!

Let's eat cake and laugh together♪

September 2, 2022

★ Harmonia latest No. 12 release

Sorry only in Japanese

The Singing Ring Association released the free magazine Harmonia No.12.

Download No.12 from here  Download back numbers from here

July 29, 2022

[Delivery of Singing Ring]

The arrival status of Singing Ring has improved, and it can be shipped in 1 to 4 months from order to delivery.

We ship in the order you ordered. We deeply apologize for the time it takes to deliver.

* Waiting time may vary depending on production conditions. If there is a change, we will inform you on our website.

Click here for inquiries regarding Singing Ring and phosphorus quotations and deliveries. (Updated July 29, 2022)

Experience the sound of Singing Ring!
Event & workshop information♪
♪ Event information ♪

Experience sound of Singing Ring ®

Feel and watch the sound and vibration.

​This is an event for the first timers.

和也さんに (4).png

Let's eat cake and laugh together♪

This is a fun event to celebrate Singing Ring's birthday!

A special story from Sion Kazu!


​Singing Ring ♪ Practice Lesson for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced graduates.

At Brisbane, Gold Coast and Zoom.

Let's practice the skills together.

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 9.12.19 am.jpeg

Singing Ring Luli group chat event.

  December 22nd (Wednesday)

19: 00 ~ 20: 30 at Zoom

Sorry, only in Japanese.


World-famous painter Mr. MARCESTEL

Of the oil painting work "Playing love around the sacred celestial pillar"

Jigray prints are on sale for a limited number of 100!

It is a work in which the tone of Singing Ring echoes in the myth!


Singing Lin Yoga @ Online

Only for those who have singing phosphorus ★

A new sense of physical care with Rin x Yoga!

Would you like to experience Lin Yoga at home?


Sion Kazu 2023 New Year Lecture
20:00~21:30 I  Sunday, 22nd January 2023 I Youtube live I 1500 Yen


Joyful ♪ class that was very popular in 2022!

Delivering new content to everyone in 2023!

We have prepared fun classes by various Ring Life instructors ♪

​ Learn how to get more out of your singing ring and improve your quality of life!


Certified Therapist & Performer Event

Singing Ring's sound bath and meditation,

collaboration with Yoga, art, tea, and retreat. Experience the sound and vibration at events near you all over the world ♪


Fun ♪ Healed ❤️ Full of content!

How to use Singing Ring and lectures,

A joyful sound space full of play ♪


Singing Ring Yoga

Experience the relaxing yoga with Harmonic Overtones.​(Only in Japanese)


Movie" Gaia Symphony No.9"No6.

Screening & Sound Healing in Tokyo

(Sorry only available in Japanese.

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21Days Self Care Program

Heal yourself and the world♪​

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the sound of Singing Ring! ​


Singing Ring Sound Therapy

Experience a blissful time at Tokyo Healing Salon and/or certified therapists' healing salons♪Click here for information on certified therapists in each region.

Click here for gift certificates.

If you would like to check various schedules, please check Singing Ring Global website.

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Sion Inc.

Check out the fun and relaxing seminars and events. 

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Singing Ring

Connect with various people around the world who have different cultures and histories. 


Singing Ring

Introducing Singing Ring®︎'s academic research, charity activities, and certified therapists and performers