The pathway to a happier life filled with love and harmony.

Play your authentic harmony by using sound and light.

Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session
Gift Voucher is available!

Zoom Singing Ring Basic Seminar 

Singing Ring Zoom Basic Seminar is available!

Learn about sound and sound therapy at videos first,

then practice self-healing methods at the Zoom seminar.

You can rent the Singing Ring for free!

News release

1st  Jan 2021

The price of Singing Ring Daichi & Self-healing Set A have changed.

19th Dec 2020

16th January 2021. Live talk by Sion Kazu & Ko Hichida(only in Japanese)

19th Dec 2020

The office will be closed from 26th December till 4th January 2021

11th Dec 2020

Singing Ring Shikkoku Daichi's price will be renewed from 1st Jan 2021

10th Nov 2020

23rd Jan 2021Movie "Roots" screening & Sion Kazu Public Talk in Kobe 

10th Nov 2020

16/18th Dec Movie"Roots" screening & Special Sound Meditation in Tokyo
Experience the sound of Singing Ring

Youtube Live

with Mr. Ko Hichida

16th January 2021

Experience the sound of Singing Ring

Watch and feel the vibration!

Movie "Roots" screening

& Sion Public Talk in Kobe

23rd January 2021

Singing Ring Yoga

Movie" Gaia Symphony No.6" Screening & Sound Healing

in Tokyo

Singing Ring Recreation Program


If you would like to check various schedules, please check Singing Ring Global website.

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Let’s play Singing Ring and create a more harmonious world together

Connect “the Inner-net” with various people around world who have different cultures and histories. 

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