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How Singing Ring was born


Purpose of Singing Ring®︎ Development

We are all individual instruments that play our own tunes. Originally, all the cells in our body are vibrating are in tune with each other and creating harmony. Although, when we have illness or stress and we lose this healthy balance, those vibrations will be lost, and it will start creating dissonance.

In order to live your life filled with wealth and health, keeping the harmony between body, mind, and spirit is crucial.

​We can say that when you are immersed and resonate with the harmonic overtones and vibration of Singing RingⓇ, the dissonance of your body and mind will be tuned into their original state and bring back this balance.


In the case of a symphony orchestra, everyone tunes their instrument in the sound of the concertmaster. Even if there is a talented skilful solo performer, if they are not tuned with others, we cannot create a beautiful harmony. If we can tune well, the sounds resonate with one another and we can perform wonderful Symphony together.


Singing RingⓇ was born into this world on the 10th of December, 2004. Anyone can play this healing instrument anytime, anywhere.

By using sophisticated craftsmanship to make the exact same shape in the same quality, the Singing RingⓇ creates the same frequency band and they resonate with each other (sound resonance phenomenon).

Singing RingⓇ first bridges your own body and mind, then it starts resonating with the people around you. And when this synchronization will be passed on forward, the circle of harmony will grow bigger and bigger.
I believe that when a bliss you find within yourself spreads to the people around you, the beautiful Gaia symphony filled with love and peace will be played across the world.

スクリーンショット 2018-12-23 午後10.56.21.png

Singing Ring®︎ appeared in the movie “Gaia Symphony” directed by Mr. Jin Tatsumura.

 I believe that everyone is constantly growing.  Singing Ring was created to help us reduce our stress and resonate with the rhythm coming from the inner universe.   By connecting that divine rhythm, we appreciate the present moment and make ourselves and our loved ones happier.


Sion Kazu

Creator of Singing Ring®︎


Sion Kazu and Mr. Jin Tatsumura, director of the movie “Gaia Symphony”


Sion Kazu and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, 2006

Mitchell Gaynor, MD, was Medical Director and Director of Medical Oncology at the Weill-Cornell Medical Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. He was also the Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology ( and Clinical Assistant, Professor of Medicine at Weill Medical College, affiliated with Cornell University and New York Hospital. He held the position of Director of Medical Oncology at The Strang Cancer Prevention Centre.

He published numerous books, including  The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music.


Story Behind

 Singing Ring®︎ Shikkoku's Story



In 2001, I experienced 9/11 in New York, and after a difficult period, I returned to Japan. However, my physical condition worsened and I was diagnosed with "immune deficiency syndrome", and I continued to receive treatment every day. The side effects of the medicine aggravated the symptoms, and as a result of surrendering myself to the natural healing power, I managed to go out after half a year.

At that time, I was invited by a friend to an event venue, where I encountered crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls.

At that time, I had a strange vision in my dream that night.

It was close to the tone that I heard at the venue, but it was even more tranquil, dignified, and enveloped in beautiful sounds and reverberations. It was a majestic and majestic spectacle that was out of this world, created by tuning everything and resonating with each other.

At that time, I saw Singing Ring®︎, and I could see the detailed and perfect blueprint of its size and shape in my dream.

Singing Ring®︎ Luli's Story



Blue has always been a fascinating colour to me since I was a child.

I have been trying to find out if I could make a bright blue Singing Ring ® in the development stage. However, in 2004, the development of lacquer coating was a challenge, so I gave up on the possibility to create a brilliant blue. In 2015, when the recognition of Singing Ring increased, the number of Urushi lacquer craftsmen increased.


Likes:  The sound of laughter, singing voices, places where everyone gets together.

Dislikes: Humidity, direct sunlight, dusty places.

Ability: Makes food or drinks tastier, cheers everyone up, makes good friends with anyone.

It will appear anywhere when Singing Ring is played.

More secrets of Ring will be revealed. We will keep you posted!


Singing Ring®︎ mascot 

The Spirit of Sound "Ring"


Manufacturing Process of Singing Ring®︎

Singing Ring was created by combining many different skills of Japanese traditional craftsmen established after a long history.We never compromised in creating something of the highest quality, were completely particular about every detail, repeated many trials, and finally succeeded in creating our ideal instrument. Here I’m introducing the manufacturing process of Singing RingⓇ to you. Watch the video here

1.Melting the raw materials


First, we melt the main component copper and then add other types of metals and silicon in our original ratio to create a special alloy. This secret ratio which enables the highest durability had been passed down from generation to generation. This process holds the secret to the sound of Singing RingⓇ.

4.Oil coating 


 In order to prevent corrosion, they coat it with oil and then deliver it to the craftsman who burns the Urushi lacquer coating on to the bowl. From this point forward, the process for lacquerware will be taken. 



And then we polish the bowl with a high quality natural beeswax and finish.



Next, the special alloy will be poured into a mould and slowly cooled down. it’s poured in very carefully and the climate is delicately controlled. We take time making one mould for one bowl and break it each time. This moulding process “Namagata Izo” is qualified as a traditional Japanese craft making method.

5.Foundation application


First, they remove all the grease they applied to the bowl for rust prevention and dry the surface. Then they dip the bowl in a special solution. This step is called “foundation” and it anchors Urushi easier on to the bowl.

8.Laser marking


Singing RingⓇ will be sent to Sion Inc. for a final check-up. Those bowls that have passed the test will be sent to the laser marking company. The original symbol will be engraved on the front, and Sion Inc. company logo and serial number on the back. The silicon that’s melted during this process will cover the logo and it will prevent the base metal from rusting and it keeps the bowl high-quality and durable.

3.Polishing and Tuning


We now have a thicker Singing RingⓇ bowl and the craftsman hand-carves it one by one. As they grind them, they use a tuning meter to perfect the shape so that it creates. It takes up to a few weeks to grind, sand, and tuning. Up to this point is the method taken as traditional copperware making.

6.Urushi lacquer coating


On the heated bowl, they carefully apply Urushi lacquer and burn it on, and coat it again and then fire it in the oven. The coating process goes through the base, middle, and finishing. This traditional method is called “Kintai-Urushi Method,” and is one of the finest craftsmanship. 



As you can see, it takes about 3 months to complete one bowl after all these careful processes.

The original sticks and accessories.

The sticks and accessories are also made by Japanese traditional craftsmanship.  This sick is handstitched one by one. In order to bring out the best sound quality, we researched and prototyped a number of times trying different materials, stiffness, length, thickness, different leathers, and way of wrapping to create the optimal stick to play the Singing Ring. 

The original bags and cushions are hand made with “Awa Shijira textile,” by a traditional Japanese craftsman.



Deerskin and zelkova


Luli bag

Kinran weave


Shikkoku bag

Awa​ Shijira weave

Singing Ring®︎ is a beautiful art created with the perfect blueprint by wonderful Japanese craftsman. It would be truly amazing if the sound of Singing RingⓇ spread across the world. You can purchase Singing Ring®︎ only at Sion Inc. Online shop.  Any other Singing Rings you see in other places are not official Singing Ring®︎s.

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