Dr. Akira Ikegawa

Doctor of Medicine/A director of the Ikegawa Clinic

Singing Ring looks like a simple instrument.  However, the miracle sound was born when Ms. Sion Kazu created this with traditional Japanese craftsmanship and high technology.  It is very good to have the base of scientifice research data to back up its effects for using at medical practice. We can see that Singing Ring promote the relaxing state to our body according to the data of the brain waves and stressful hormones.  I hope you could experience this amazing sound yourself.

Masaru Hagiwara

Medical Doctor/Director at Ihatovo Clinic.

Singing Ring brings the perfect universal energy full of love and abundance, so you can be your true self just by listening to the sound and connecting with the universe. Patients heal themselves and we are just here to support. We support them to be aware by themselves. The sound always gently speaks to you, so you can be at ease.

Koya Yamakawa & Akiko Yamakawa


My mother passed away in 2017, and I had a small orin at home but I thought “No, I should definitely use this.” and played Singing Ring Daichi every morning instead.

Since I came to know Singing Ring, and going to many places with everyone, I think my life has gotten even richer.

Miyuki Hasekura


When I arrive at Kagurasaka Salon, I was exhausted by the traffic jam.  However, I got energetic as soon as I heard the sound of Singing Ring. I felt the vitality filled my body like the bamboo shoots coming up. It was amazing!  It is great that we can self-empowered and tune up ourselves without other’s help.

Sumiko Samejima

The essayist

I mostly use it for Crown Therapy. When I cover my head with Singing Ring and strike with the stick, I felt my every cell resonating with the sound of Singing Ring. Every morning I pray to the Sun “Thank you for keeping me alive” and pray for the world peace, I feel the same vibration spreading throughout my body to when I ring Singing Ring on my head. Even at this moment, I can feel the synchronization. With Singing Ring, you don’t have to have a huge aim to achieve enlightenment or anything. You can resonate with the universe’s creator’s will and reach the state of naught.



This was my third time receiving the Singing Ring healing session and I like it more each time. Before I receive my the therapy, I usually my body and my head feel heavy, and also my mood is a bit low, but I feel great after the session and it gets better and better each time. I felt my blocked nose cleared up in previous session, and this time I realized that the swelling in my hands improved. The sound resembled my heart beat and it felt so good. Y.S. (Female, 40s)

This is the third time, but as the number of times increases, I am also addicted to the goodness of "singing phosphorus therapy". Before I was asked to do it, my body, head, and feelings were heavy, but after finishing it, the refreshing feeling was steadily rising from the first time to the second time and from the second time to the third time. In the second and third times, I feel that the passage of my nose improves on the way, and today I feel the swelling of my hands after finishing. The rhythm of the two beats was like a heartbeat, and it was comfortable with the sound of phosphorus and double.


YS (female, 40s) (Japan)

When I held my face within Singing Ring Uchu for a healing, my eye fatigue and the exhaustion from the new years holiday disappeared. K.K. (Female)

I had the bowl covered on my head. I felt like I was drifting in the universe and it was such a nice feeling. I was impressed. S.K. (Female)

In the beginning, I was at comfort while listening to the sound. The sound resonance spread from my ear to my body, the vibration became larger, and I fell asleep after a while. I felt greatly relaxed. My mind and body were in harmony. J.I. (Male, 40s)

I could relax my mind and body, and I felt comfortable, feeling zoned out. I felt that my spine became straight. R.K (Male, 70s)

After receiving the therapy, my body and mind became much lighter. It was very comfortable and relaxing. The throat and shoulder pain decreased. S.O.(Female, 40s)

The sound was so comfortable and I was able to relax a lot. My unsettling feeling was not completely gone but eased. It didn’t matter so much anymore and I was able to be positive. Y.U. (Female, 50s)

Rhinitis symptoms were released and breathing became easier after the session.
Also, I was very relaxed because I was half asleep. T.I. (Female, 60s)

My head felt light and refreshed. The second half of the session felt short maybe because I lost consciousness. It was a strange feeling. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. M. I. (Female)

I felt really nice and the time went quickly. My body and mind relaxed a lot. The effect of aroma worked very well for me too. The stiffness in my body was gone, and I felt very light after the session. It made me feel like I could keep listening to the sound. I’d love to try it again when I feel tired. H.N. (Female, 40s)

  • It felt so good that I wished the session would never end and my body felt light. When I was lying on my stomach and received therapy on my leg/feet, I felt a strong tingling sensation around my sacral bone. When I was lying on my back and the bowl was played on my right side shoulder, I felt vibrations on my left foot. When the bowl was played on my stomach, I felt the similar sensation to when I was pregnant. I felt like something negative inside was released from my body at the end of the session. The treatment table was really comfortable.  E.K. (Female, 30s) (Japan)

It felt very good as if was in a temple. I fell into a deep sleep. The aroma was very lovely too. The sense of “Wa (=harmony)” made me feel very relaxed. I felt that the sounds and vibrations of Singing Ring were pure, and it made me feel good. Y.H. (Female, 30s)

The vibration felt nice to my ears. I had a strange feeling as I was getting distant from the reality. Overall, it was soothing, I didn’t feel any pains or discomfort, and I felt like I could fall asleep in the end. I thought continuous therapy would bring me some beneficial effect. Y.Y. (Female, 30s)