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Sound Therapy


Singing Ring Sound Therapy

The original and effective sound therapy “Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage” session.

The harmonic overtones created by Singing RingⓇ are extremely subtle and stable, and quickly reaches into the deepest part of your body which you can’t reach with massages or other body therapies.


​Endorse yourself in ultimate happiness of the whole-body lymphatic drainage with the rich sound and subtle vibration of the Singing RingⓇ.
You will experience the deep relaxation from sound bathing. It balances the distorted frequency in your body to the normal rhythm we originally have and is thought to loosen and drain the knots and clogs built up due to various stresses. Not only the body but the mind and soul may be deeply healed.

Many people report feeling refreshed, swelling being gone, hands and feet feeling warm, stiffness of the body being eased, and their facial complexion getting brighter. This is the result of the cells in the body becoming vitalized, and the flow of the blood, lymph and qi is also improved by Singing Ring®︎ treatment. By continuing the personal sessions, your natural healing ability will be strengthened, and you will be closer to your original healthy state.


By you being harmonized and brought back to your original self and shining through, the harmony spreads and the world will be a better place. Sion Inc. supports all people in creating a beautiful harmony.

Singing Ring Sound Therapy is for relaxation but not for medical treatment.

Try the Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage session.

Certified therapists provide a private sound therapy session combined with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy using five Singing Ring bowls.

Three types of sessions are available, which run for 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

Forest sound session: Reduce your stress and relax deeply.

Water sound session: Calm down and feel serenity.

Wind sound session: Refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind.



Healing your body and mind is the first step to create a happier life and world.

There are many ways to use Singing Ring for self-healing.


Balance your mind and bring inner peace.

Reduce stress and achieve the meditative state.


Brightens the skin

A natural ultrasonic facial equipment without a micro magnet rejuvenates your skin cells.


Harmonise the frequency of foods and drinks

Improve taste and flavour of foods and drinks.


Relax and fall asleep with ease

Balance your body and mind to help to sleep more deeply.


Balance the digestive system

Balance the digestive system


Purify and balance the energy of your belongings

Harmonise the energy of your belongings, such as jewellery, mobile phone, and home.


Rejuvenate brain cells

Keep a healthy and young mind.


Ease tiredness and swelling of feet and legs

Soothes any pain that was felt in your feet and legs.


For Others

Give sound therapy to others.

You can provide the Singing Ring sound therapy to your family, friends and clients to support their body and mind.

You will receive more benefits when you collaborate with other kind of therapies.


Release stress from shoulders

Singing Ring’s sound helps to loosen muscles and drain the knots and clogs built up due to

various stresses.

You can learn the Singing Ring sound therapy methods at the seminars.

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Enhance your natural healing ability

The Singing Ring Sound Therapy sessions will strengthen your natural healing ability and you will be closer to your original healthy state.  The original and deep relaxing sound therapy session called “Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage” is available at the certified salons in Tokyo and Okayama and at regional certified therapists’ salons.



Fun Events

The sound of Singing Ring harmonises and enhances the effects of other activities such as meditation, yoga and art. You can use Singing Ring in an abundance of different ways. 

Sion Inc. often holds enjoyable events including Singing Ring Yoga, Otohime-Ring workshop, concerts and sound bathing sessions.

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Singing Ring is also used for athletes.

Sound therapy has been scientifically proven to be able to condition the body and mind without side effects.

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Singing Ring Sound Therapy Seminar

Sion Inc. Academy provides the sound therapy seminar using Singing Ring.

You will learn about the effects of sounds on the body and mind, the self-healing methods, the effective and professional skills of sound therapy and performance at the seminars.

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