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Miracle Instrument


Singing Ring®︎ is a beautiful art created with the perfect blueprint by wonderful Japanese craftsman. It would be truly amazing if the sound of Singing RingⓇ spread across the world. You can purchase Singing Ring®︎ only at Sion Inc. Online shop.  Any other Singing Rings you see in other places are not official Singing Ring®︎s.


Sound and Singing Ring®︎

From ancient times, we know that sound produces a healing effect on people’s minds and there is a history of it being used as a medical tool.

Singing Ring was created by Japanese craftsman as a brand-new healing instrument. 

The exquisite resonance is researched and utilized by various artists, educators who search or the new age education, doctors who practice alternative medicine, and therapists who are developing a unique healing method. Also, many people enjoy the instrument for relaxation in their households, and the sound of Singing Ring is keep on spreading across the world.

Characteristic of Singing Ring®︎

Singing Ring was created as a new dimensional healing instrument which has the benefits of the crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and O Rin.

Instrument Comparision


Singing Ring®︎, Miracle Instrument

So-called "good water" has been found to exhibit a very beautiful and well-balanced hexagonal crystal structure.

The photo of water after Singing Ring was played. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto took a photo and commented “I’ve never seen this centre look clear before”. (I.H.M. Pty. Ltd. 2015)


Why the scientists call Singing Ring®︎ a “Miracle instrument”?

Reason 1: Full Harmonic Overtones                         

Singing Ring®︎ produces wide range (from infrasound to ultrasound) of Harmonic overtones by only one strike. Only Singing Ring®︎ can do this in the world.


Reason 2 Perfect Harmonic Sound Resonance                       

Each Singing Ring®︎ is tuned perfectly and they all resonate with each other. When you play one Singing Ring®︎, another Singing Ring®︎ nearby will resonate. It is only healing instrument in the world to achieve the perfect harmonic sound resonance in many frequencies. When you play Singing Ring®︎, it resonates with other Singing Ring®︎ in the world on quantum level.


Reason 3 Hexagonal star                                                      

When you fill Uchu with water and play circular motion with a small stick, the Hexagonal star will appear on the surface of the water. The hexagonal star is a symbol of relative energy, and it is a geometric figure that clearly represents the harmony of the two opposite equilateral triangles. Because Singing Ring®︎ is tuned 360 degrees, you can play this harmonious sound from any angle.


Reason 4  Feel the vibration of sound on the body                          

Because Singing Ring®︎ is very durable and you can attach the suction cup, you can play it on the body. Therefore, you can feel the full Harmonic overtones and Perfect Harmonic sound resonance with your body.


Reason 5 Clockwise and Counter clockwise motion                  

You can play Singing Ring®︎ in clockwise or counter clockwise motion with a small stick.  You will release the negative energy by playing in counter clockwise motion and recharging the universal energy by playing in clockwise motion.  By using this method, you can clear and balance the energy of your body, and spaces around you.

The secret of the miracle sound

A unique new shape design focused on producing rich and long harmonic overtones.

Originally developed a special alloy consisting of multiple metals

mainly composed of copper was mixed with crystal (silicon) in the calculated exquisite ratio, 

and we pursued the beautiful sound, delicate vibration, and excellent durability.


​ The top Japanese craftsmen hand carves one by one using the latest tuning meter

and their well-trained ears so that it always creates the same sound no matter where you strike.


​The Urushi firing coating of the Singing Ring is a traditional method of Japanese traditional craft making,

which uses the highest quality pure and natural Urushi.

Singing Ring is finished with the natural beeswax, which accomplished the beautiful and warm shine and the touch.

​With the beautifully designed symbol applied by laser marking, it added the elegant character to the Singing Ring.

Singing Ring is a precious instrument that can only be created by Japanese craftsmen, and a piece of art that can be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom.   

→Check out the manufacturing process.

The original sticks and accessories.

The sticks and accessories are also made by Japanese traditional craftsmanship.  This sick is handstitched one by one. In order to bring out the best sound quality, we researched and prototyped a number of times trying different materials, stiffness, length, thickness, different leathers, and way of wrapping to create the optimal stick to play the Singing Ring. 

The original bags and cushions are hand made with “Awa Shijira textile,” by a traditional Japanese craftsman.


Scientific Data

Singing Ring is currently gathering attention from the specialists who are being active at the forefront.

Recently, by scientific research, it has been clearer how the Singing Ring is benefiting the human body and

the environment around us. It may lead to further comfort and relaxation knowing the research result which

may hold the secrets of the universe and nature.

Singing Ring Scientific Research

Society of Damping Technology (SDT)

Sound and Vibration Analysis Working Group

More details​

Relaxation effect of Singing Ring resonance for the elderly

Professor Yasue Mitsukura, Keio University

More details

“Emotion Analyzer” proves that it calms the mind.

Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura, Keio University

More details

Characteristics of the 3 bowl-shaped instruments

Society of Damping Technology (SDT)

More details

Measured the frequencies of the sound of the Singing Ring using Voice Analyzer

More details

EAV(Electro Acupuncture according to VoⅡ)

Dr. Akihiro Shikano

More details

A quantitative evaluation on stress levels using the biomarker.

Dr. Yuko Matsushima, Yamanashi Prefectural University

More details 

Singing Ring’s sound and the brain waves.

Dr. Kimiko Kawano, Nippon Medical School

More details

Society of Damping Technology (SDT)

Sound and Vibration Analysis Working Group

Society of Damping Technology (SDT) established Sound and Vibration Analysis Working Group in March of

2016. The group has members from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kogakuin

University, Teikyo University, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Singing Ring

Association, and Sion Inc. They research the vibration of Singing Ring®, the sound characteristics, and they

measure the vibrations and the resonances

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