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Miracle Instrument


Singing Ring®︎ has been crystallized as a wonderful work of art with a precise design and the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship. At Sion Inc., we hope to convey to the world the splendor of Japanese craftsmanship along with the beautiful tones.

Singing Ring®︎ is registered as a product by Sion Inc.  Please note that Singing Ring can only be purchased at the Sion Inc. online shop.  The items purchased through any other website or method are not an official product.


Sound and Singing Ring®︎

From ancient times, we know that sound produces a healing effect on people’s minds and there is a history of it being used as a medical tool.

Singing Ring was created by Japanese craftsman as a brand-new healing instrument. 

The exquisite resonance is researched and utilized by various artists, educators who search or the new age education, doctors who practice alternative medicine, and therapists who are developing a unique healing method. Also, many people enjoy the instrument for relaxation in their households, and the sound of Singing Ring is keep on spreading across the world.

​Comparison chart of acoustic instruments

Singing Ring was created as a new dimensional healing instrument which has the benefits of the crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and O Rin.

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 3.47.52 pm (1).png

Singing Ring®︎, Miracle Instrument


So-called "good water" has been found to exhibit a very beautiful and well-balanced hexagonal crystal structure.

The photo of water after Singing Ring was played. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto took a photo and commented “I’ve never seen this centre look clear before”. (I.H.M. Pty. Ltd. 2015)

​Five miraculous phenomena

The following features are miraculous phenomena not found in other acoustic instruments.


Full harmonic overtones

Singing Ring's sound can be measured abundant harmonic overtones from low to high frequencies.  The Singing Ring is a unique acoustic instrument in the world to produce Full harmonic overtones by striking once.


Perfect Harmonic Sound Resonance 

All Singing Ring matches the frequency of sound, and the phenomenon of sound resonance occurs. When one Singing Ring is played, other nearby Singing Ring resonate like tuning forks and produce overtones., creates a mysterious sound space. Singing Ring create a complete resonance phenomenon at multiple frequencies.



Fill the Singing Rin with water and rub the edge with a small stick to create a six-pointed star appears on the surface of the water. The Hexagram is the most stable and harmonious form of energy in nature. 


Sound vibrations transmitted directly to the body

Singing Ring contains multiple metals and silicon and is made to be unbreakable, so you can attach a suction cup and place it on your body to play.  Therefore, you can feel the full Harmonic overtones and Perfect Harmonic sound resonance with your body.


Clockwise and Counter clockwise motion.  

Singing Ring can be played with a small stick to the left or right circular motion. By using this function, Singing Ring can be used to release the negative energy and harmonize the body, objects, and space.

The secret of the miracle sound

Singing Ring is a precious instrument that can only be created by Japanese craftsmen, and a piece of art that can be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom.   

→Check out the manufacturing process.

Secret 1


Original design for rich overtones and long resonance.

Secret 2


Special superalloys and exquisite ratio of crystal (silicon)

Secret 3


Trained ears and the latest tuning meter articulation 

Secret 4


The highest quality natural Urushi lacquer is applied.

Secret 5


High quality natural beeswax wax and laser marked symbol

Singing Ring® Pamphlet

Information on Singing Ring® is compactly summarized. You can download it, print it on both sides (bound on the short edge), and fold it in three along the vertical lines. Please down load from this page. Shikkoku / Luli


Scientific Data

Singing Ring is currently gathering attention from the specialists who are being active at the forefront.

Recently, by scientific research, it has been clearer how the Singing Ring is benefiting the human body and

the environment around us. It may lead to further comfort and relaxation knowing the research result which

may hold the secrets of the universe and nature.

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