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Singing Ring Sound Space

Numerous studies have proven that the sound of the Japanese-born acoustic instrument "Singing Ring®" contains elements that have a positive effect on our bodies and minds. Singing Ring Sound Space is a platform that focuses on the important elements contained in the sound of Singing Ring® and delivers audio content that everyone can easily enjoy.

Characteristics of the sound source

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The sound sources provided at Singing Ring Sound Space utilize the latest stereophonic (3D audio) technology. Stereophonic sound is a technology that reproduces the coordinates of the top, bottom, left, right, front and back of a sound source to create a natural sound field similar to when you are actually experiencing the sound. It is believed that the use of these techniques can be expected to have a deeper relaxing effect in healing music. For example, healing music inspired by forest bathing uses stereophonic sound to reproduce natural environments such as the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind, and the babbling of a river, making you feel as if you are actually there.

Enjoy the special sound of Singing Ring® in high resolution.

All sound source files provided by Singing Ring Sound Space include not only MP3 data that can be easily played, but also 24Bit/48kHz high-resolution data that is easy to handle. The sound source data has a much higher resolution and a wider range of dynamics than the sound quality of a CD, so you can fully enjoy even the most delicate sound of Singing Ring®.

Utilises unique recording methods and audio processing technology.

This Singing Ring Sound Space sound source was created using a unique recording method that incorporates elements of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a popular audio content that is said to help induce sleep and relieve stress. In addition, binaural processing is applied when decoding the created sound source to create a more immersive sound.

A useful listening book PDF to enjoy the sound source with the best sound quality!

To enjoy listening to high-resolution data, you need special playback equipment and advanced knowledge of settings. But don't worry. For those who purchase sound source data from Singing Ring Sound Space, we will provide a PDF book with instructions on how to fully enjoy the charm of high-resolution sound sources.


A​bout Singing Ring



Singing Ring® has been called a "miracle instrument" through experiments by many scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology etc.



If you fill the Singing Ring with water and play the circular motion with a small stick, a "Hexagonal star" will appear on the surface of the water. You can see that the sound of Singing Ring transforms water into harmonic energy.

Full Harmonic


Singing Ring® is the only acoustic instrument in the world that can play "Full harmonics" with a single stroke, covering an infinitely wide range of harmonics from low frequencies to high frequencies.



There is no clear directionality in the sound of Singing Ring. This means that it is distinctly different from typical music, which is only heard from a certain position. The tone of Singing Ring® has an all-encompassing feeling.



All Singing Rings® match the sound frequencies, and a sound resonance phenomenon called "perfect sound resonance" occurs.



It is no exaggeration to say that the essence of Singing Ring®︎'s acoustics resides in the moment when the sound disappears, the fleeting sound that smoothly blends into nature.

Purchase SRSS Audio

We have the best singing, ring, sound, and space sound sources for each theme.

Sound sources will be added from time to time. ​

<What is included in the provided files>

​・High-resolution music data (WAV: 48kHz / 24bit)

・Standard music data (WAV: 44.1kHz/16bit)

・Compressed music data (MP3)

・Useful listening book (PDF)

Sound Space for SLEEP

Sound Space for SLEEP

Do you have trouble getting a good night's sleep? The sound of Singing Ring has been proven to have a relaxing effect. Close your eyes while playing this sound source at a low volume. Before you know it, you'll be able to fall into a deep sleep. "Sleep" aud ioincludes the sound of a delicate circular sound. Furthermore, by incorporating many of the gentle parts of the timbre of the circular sound rises, it becomes even more comfortable to listen to than usual.

Sound Space for MINDFULNESS

Sound Space for MINDFULNESS

This is a recommended audio for those who practice meditation and mindfulness. Please try the audio that will lead you to a deeper and faster meditative state. "Meditation" audio contains a well-balanced combination of delicate Singing Ring circular and strike sounds. Furthermore, by mixing multiple Singing Ring tones and adjusting frequencies different from normal, we have achieved acoustics specifically suited for meditation.

Sound Space for BALANCE

Sound Space for BALANCE

Research has revealed that the sound of Singing Ring activates the body's cellular water. While listening to this sound source, please relax and enjoy the feeling of harmonizing your mind and body. "Balance" audio includes specially recorded Singing Ring sounds, as well as "brook bubbling" sounds recorded in high-resolution quality. Furthermore, the frequency has been adjusted to create a synergistic effect with the Singing Ring tone, resulting in a sound that is comfortable to listen to for a long time.

Sound Myth  7 songs

Sound Space for CHAKURA

The Singing Ring sounds in this album has the effect of awakening the seven chakras and harmonising energy.

When creating this music, we imagined a human life into seven songs, taking into account the characteristics of each chakra.

We designed the first four and a half minutes of each song to release energy, followed by about a minute of rest, then the last four and a half minutes to harmonise energy.

Just listening to this audio will have benefits on your chakras.

Purchase procedure


Select the audio and click the "More details" .



Click the "Add to Cart" button and then "View Cart", confirm your order details, and then click the " Checkout" button.



If you have a shop account, please log in. If this is your first purchase, please enter the required information in "Delivery information" and click "Next".



Select the payment method.

・Credit/debit card

・Others (bank transfer, postal money order, etc.)

*Download link will be available after payment is confirmed.



Check your order details and confirm your purchase if there are no problems.

Other Audio CD and books

YouTube Videos

Singing Ring Official YouTube account has more healing sound videos.

Please subscribe to the channel as more will be added from time to time.


Q: I don't know how to purchase.

A: Please refer to the "Purchase procedure" to complete the procedure. If you are unable to understand something or encounter an error, please contact us at


Q: Can I re-download downloaded products?

A: You can download the purchased sound source again. However, the download period is 30 days from the date of purchase.


Q: Is there a download deadline?

A The download period is 30 days from the date of purchase. You will not be able to download the file after 30 days, so please download it as soon as possible and store the file.


Q: I cannot open the download URL listed in the order confirmation email.

A: If you press the "Download" button in the email and there is no response, please try again after a while. If you encounter an error, please contact us at


Q: I would like to know how to download the purchased product.

A: If you pay by credit/debit card, the screen will proceed directly to the purchase completion screen, and you will be able to download the audio immediately from that screen. You will also be automatically sent an email saying ``Thank you for your order (#00000),'' and you can download it by clicking the ``Download'' button in that email.

Q: I don't know how to open the downloaded file (ZIP file).

A: Please check the following depending on your device.

- For iPhone -

Open the iOS standard File app and tap the ZIP file you want to uncompress. A folder containing the files will be created in the Files app. Tap the folder to see if it's open.

- For Android -

​You will be able to play the audio immediately after downloading. You can chose  My Files > Downloads > Select Audio.

- For Windows -

Execute the download and specify the save destination folder. Right-click the downloaded Zip file and click "Extract" to unzip it. Please save the unzipped file in an easily accessible location.

- For Mac -

Execute the download and specify the save destination folder. Double-click the downloaded Zip file to unzip the file. Please save the unzipped file in an easily accessible location.

Q: I can't find the song I downloaded.

A: If you don't know where to save, please check the following depending on your device. You can re-download it within one month of your purchase from the email instructions sent to you at the time of purchase.

- For iPhone -

When you download, a screen to select the save destination app will be displayed. Especially if you don't know which apps you usually use, we recommend using the iOS standard "File" app.

- For Android -

​The file is saved in the destination folder specified when downloading. Please check "Myfile"

- For Windows -

The file is saved in the destination folder specified when downloading.

- For Mac -

The file is saved in the destination folder specified when downloading. If you have not specified anything, please check the "Downloads" folder.

Q: Should I listen to MP3 or WAV?

A: Basically, we recommend that you listen to uncompressed WAV sound sources at a moderate volume.

MP3 is a format that compresses parts that have no effect on the auditory sense (JPG in terms of images), so if you have normal hearing, it may be difficult to tell the difference from an uncompressed sound source.

The MP3 version we created this time has been compressed to the highest quality, so there is no problem if you listen to it through speakers on a daily basis at a volume of about BGM, but we do not recommend listening to it at high volume for a long time with earphones etc. 

Experience live sound of Singing Ring

At the Sion Inc. Healing  Salon, we regularly hold various events, including trial sessions where you can learn more about the acoustic instrument Singing Ring®, and sound bath sessions where you can relax and enjoy the sounds.

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