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Sion Kazu Kindle Book

is released on April 4th!

The secret of sound for the mind and body
Singing Ring Miraculous Instrument

Kindle Edition

Enjoy a soothing audio track for free!

Discover the infinite possibilities of sound to heal the mind and body. This book dives deep into the therapeutic use of Singing Ring® to tune the mind and body and to leave you feeling uplifted, nourished and restored.


Special YouTube Live

To celebrate the publication of the Kindle book, the author Sion talked in live events.

Watch an archive of live streaming

30 mins talk in English

Sion welcomed Mr. Troy Methost from Veteran Mentors and Ms. Toshiko Matsumoto, a certified therapist and performer in Australia.

We talked about their activities, the feedback of Australians, the differences from other instruments, Singing ring courses  and the Kindle book →

Special YouTube Live 

Watch an archive of live streaming

30 mins talk with Doctor

Special YouTube Live 

Sion held a special YouTube live  with Dr. Kazuko Ikeda.

Enjoy talks about "Just Right Field" about the state of the body, body cells, the sound of Singing Ring, traditional Japanese craft techniques, a world without doctors, preventive medicine, etc. →

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