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Singing Ring®︎


Singing Ring Luli

to celebrate a new era


Depending on the angle of light, multiple colours of the rainbow reflect off the surface of the Singing Ring to create this iridescent glow.

Since Singing Ring was first created 15 years ago, scientific research* has proven that the sound of Singing Ring is beneficial to our body and mind.

*Please see this scientific data at the Sion Inc. website.

Singing Ring Luli is a new and artistic healing instrument created with Japanese artisan skills.



The extraordinary colours in Singing Ring

are made by devoted artisans


A brand-new blue and green that has never been achieved by the Urushi lacquer ever before.

The shades of blue, purple, and green on Singing Ring Luli can be seen when different angles of light reflect on the healing instrument. This arrangement of colour is unique and iridescent as elements of natural stone and pearl powder have been mixed into the lacquer. Through continuously adjusting the temperature and humidity of the environment, Singing Ring is made through many chemical reactions. In addition, adjustments in the lustre, creates a more beautiful and unique colour.

Devoted Japanese artisans have been working on Singing Ring Luli for over a year and a half. I am grateful to deliver this beautiful, instrument to you.

Read more the story about Singing Luli at "Story Behind"

Creator of Singing Ring

瑠璃リンWix sign.jpg

Shion Kazu

An uncompromising craftsmanship that accomplishes a range of beautiful tones


Singing Ring is a highly accurate acoustic instrument made using a combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and advanced modern technology. The craftsmen always aim for the highest quality whilst making Singing Ring.

World's first Urushi lacquer

to achieve this special colour


Singing Ring®︎ Luli is coated with the uniquely-developed Urushi lacquer that mixes "lapis lazuli (ultramarine)" and "pearl powder". It is a combination of art and instrument.


"Lapis lazuli" is a bright indigo blue ore that has been referred to as a "sacred stone" around the world since BCE in Egypt. "Ultramarine," which is said to be more precious than gold, is made from lapis lazuli. 

In the world of Buddhism, lapis lazuli is called "Ruri", which is one of the "cloisonne" that decorates the Pure Land, and is a beloved "lucky charm". In Shosoin, Nara, there is a black lacquered cowhide belt decorated with lapis lazuli called "dark blue obi."

Stone (will) words include "luck," "truth," "health," and "purification."

Special Gold brocade fabric

carry bags and mini cushion


With a very special gold brocade fabric, we have created an original carry bag for Singing Ring Luli, accompanying sticks, and the mini cushion. The fabric has a colourful pattern that has been woven with gold thread, gold foil and finely cut gold leaf. Among the textiles, it is one of the best and luxurious fabrics. A graceful and glamorous design complements the beauty of Singing Ring Luli.

[Important] About the colour of Singing Ring Luli

Singing Ring® Luli is made using hardened lacquer paints and natural minerals mixed with stone and pearl powder. Through adjusting the humidity and temperature of where the Singing Ring is made, creates chemical changes. Subsequently, the appearance of the colours intricately changes, making them all slightly unique. Because Singing Ring® Luli is made in this way, each musical instrument will be individually unique to every customer, but all will have a beautifully artistic arrangement of colour.


The colour of each of Singing Ring Luli is unique and will be different from the photos.  

Luli Lovers ♡ Fan club

Let`s get together to talk about your special Singing Rin®︎ Luli.  Sion will share  secret stories of Luli at Zoom which are held twice a year.​ Not only those who have Luli at hand, but also those who do not can participate for free. Click here for the next date. *Sorry only in Japanese at the moment.

RURI_G_d635 (1).jpg

Order your Singing Ring®︎ Luli

Singing Ring®/Lulii can be purchased from Sion Inc.'s online shop.

As this is a pre-order sale, your reservation will be completed upon payment.

It will take approximately 3 months for delivery. ​

The Singing Ring®/Luli  pamphlet is summarized information in a compact manner.

Printed on both sides (short edge binding), it can be viewed by folding it in thirds along the vertical line.

Please download from here

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