According to the scientific studies of many institutions such as The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University, Singing Ring®︎ is called a “miracle instrument”.

Reason 1  Full Harmonic Overtones

Singing Ring®︎ provides a wide range (from infrasound to ultrasound) of harmonic overtones with only one strike of the instrument. The Singing Ring®︎ is the only instrument in the world that can do this.

Reason 2  Perfect Harmonic Sound Resonance

Each Singing Ring®︎ is tuned perfectly and can resonate with each other. When you play one Singing Ring®︎, another Singing Ring®︎ nearby will resonate. It is the only healing instrument in the world to achieve perfect harmonic sound resonance in many frequencies. 

Reason 3  Hexagonal Star

When you fill the Uchu with water and play in a circular motion with the small stick, a hexagonal star will appear on the surface of the water. The hexagonal star is a symbol of relative energy. It is a geometric figure that clearly represents the harmony of the two opposing equilateral triangles. Because Singing Ring®︎ is perfectly tuned around the entire instrument, you can play this harmonious sound from any position on the instrument.



Keio University Associate Professor, Mitsukura, developed the world's first device able to measure a person's emotion in real-time. Now, Mitsukura and Dentsu Science Jam have conducted 15 years of experiments that measure people’s brain waves before and after they listened to the sound of Singing Ring.

Singing Ring sessions were given to 110 examinees. The procedure involved placing the bowls above the head, on the sides of ears, on top of the body, and between the legs.

The results gathered showed that stress levels decreased by 24.1% on average. Additionally, levels of calmness also increased by 72.3% on average after the session. Furthermore, this evaluation has effectively supported the claim that the sound of Singing Ring makes people calm and relaxed.

*Other scientific research reports can be found at the Sion Inc. website.



Singing Ring®︎ is very durable, therefore, suction cups can be attached to it without harming the product. Furthermore, this added agility of the instrument allows for many different methodologies to be performed. This is one of the reasons Singing Ring is called the “Miracle Instrument.”

One of these methodologies is sound bathing, where a state of deep relaxation is can be achieved. This method balances the distorted frequencies in your body. Additionally, it is said by participants that knots built up in the body due to various stresses are loosened. Not only the body, but the mind and soul may be deeply healed.

We believe that healing own body and mind is the first step to create a happier life and world.



Singing Ring®︎ was born into this world on the 10th of December, 2004. Anyone can play this healing instrument anytime, anywhere.


Sophisticated craftsmanship allows for quality to be consistent among all instruments. Therefore, each Singing Ring produces the same frequencies, allowing the instruments to resonate with each other (sound resonance phenomenon).


Singing Ring first bridges your own body and mind, then it starts resonating with the people around you. When this synchronization is passed on, the circle of harmony will grow bigger and bigger.


I believe that when you find bliss within yourself it spreads to the people around you. The beautiful Gaia symphony filled with love and peace will be played all around the world.

Sion Kazu

Creator of Singing Ring®︎

Creator of Singing Ring

Shion Kazu



Singing Ring looks like a simple instrument. However, the intricacy used to formulate this instrument is attributed to dedicated traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


Not only is the instrument well crafted and designed, but scientific research also supports the claims that Singing Ring reduces stress and induces our body into a relaxed state. I hope you can experience this amazing sound for yourself. 

Dr. Akira Ikegawa

Doctor of Medicine/A director of the Ikegawa Clinic

The sound was so comforting and I was able to fully relax. My unsettling feeling was not completely gone but eased. Certain stresses did not matter anymore and I was able to be positive. Y.U. (Female, 50s)

When I held my face in Singing Ring Uchu for healing, my eye fatigue and exhaustion from the New Years' holiday disappeared. K.K. (Female) 

Rhinitis symptoms were eased and breathing became easier after the session.

I was also very relaxed as the session caused me to fall half asleep. T.I. (Female, 60s)



Singing Ring®︎ is a beautiful instrument created with a perfect blueprint by wonderful Japanese craftsmen. It would be truly amazing if the sound of Singing Ring could spread all around the world.


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Singing Ring®︎ Luli

World's first Urushi lacquer to achieve this special colour.

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