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Singing Ring Seminars
Holiday Campaign

Experience Wayuru Veda Five Senses Therapy!

Let's find out which type you are from Forest sound, Water sound and Wind sound.

Campaign period: November 12, 2022 to January 15, 2023

 For the Singing Ring seminar (Basic/Intermediate) applicants.



5 Special Gifts

Wayuru Veda


By answering the questionnares, you will find out if you are Forest sound or Water sound or Wind sound type.




Receive a postcard and clear file of the art "Playing love around the sacred celestial pillar" by Mr. Marcestel.

​Wayuru Herbal Tea​


You will get a bag of "Wayuru herbal tea" which will be based on your results.

Sound therapy

​discount coupon


Receive a $20 discount from the Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage session in Brisbane.

Lifestyle advice sheet

Image by Johen Redman

You will receive a Wayuru Veda Five Senses Therapy

Lifestyle Advice

sheet based on results.

Sorry, only in Japanese


Receive 11,000 yen cash back when you register the Singing Ring Online Lounge.


What is the Wayuru Veda
Five Senses Therapy?

Ms. Machiko Nishikawa and Sion Kazu have simplified the ancient Indian wisdom, Ayurveda and created Wayuru Veda. Wayuru Veda consists of three types: Forest sound, Water sound and Wind sound type.

Knowing how to balance your body and mind are based on the five senses, different according to the type.  It is a fun and powerful way to harmonise your body and mind everyday.

Lifestyle advice sheet

The life style advise sheet will give you information about your type of either Forest sound, Water sound or Wind sound. 

This gives you the details of your balanced or unbalanced condition and how you can take care of your mind and body on a daily basis through the five senses.

Image by Johen Redman

Wayuru Herbal Tea

A blend of high-quality herbs that are perfect for each type of Forest/Water/Wind sound type. Enjoy the delicious and highly effective herbal tea that will help balance your body and mind.


Harmonic Sound Lymphatic
Drainage Session

An individual sound therapy session that combines Ayurveda and aromatherapy using 5 Singing Rings.


mmerse yourself in ultimate happiness of the whole-body lymphatic drainage with the rich sound and subtle vibration of the Singing RingⓇ.

Enveloped in a "dome of sound" of subtle harmonic overtones, you can experience a sense of bliss by creating a deep state of consciousness as if you were meditating.

We offer 3 types of courses.

"Forest sound" course: For those who want to reduce stress and deeply relax.

"Water Sound " course: For those who want to cool down and reset to a calm feeling.

"Wind Sound" Course: For those who want to refresh their mind and body.

$20 discount from the price of 90 mins private session.

Please email at if you would like to book a session. The session is only available in Tokyo or Brisbane.

Application and more Information about
Singing Ring seminars

Any questions about the holiday campaign, please contact
Sion Inc.

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