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Limited sale of giclée prints by French Artist, Mr. MARCESTEL

In regards to the passing of Mr. MARCESTEL,

we would like to express our respect for his contribution to the art world.

"Playing love around the sacred celestial pillar"

French artist, Mr. MARCESTEL painted Singing Ring and the Japanese gods, Izanagi and Izanami, dancing around Yahirodono in the Japanese mythology "Kojiki".

Izanagi plays Singing Ring, and Izanami gives blessings.

It is a work in which the tone of Singing Ring echoes in the myth.



"Playing love around the sacred celestial pillar" depicts a scene of the creation of heaven and earth in Japanese mythology.

The first creation of heaven and earth on Onogoro Island is depicted in Japanese mythology. It details Izanami turned to the right and Izanagi giving blessings from the left.

This painting depicts the myth as Izanagi and Izanami playing Singing Ring against the Amano pillar so that the heavens and the earth can be connected. It is a work that shows how sound echoes and the strength of tone and love.

French artist, Mr. MARCESTEL

Mr. MARCESTEL received the 2014 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.

His artworks were introduced during the second part of the celebration performance at the "National Festival to Celebrate His Majesty the Emperor's Enthronement" held on November 9, 1991.

Gallery MARCESTEL opens on the 3rd floor of the Imperial Hotel Plaza.

For more information on his career and dedication activities, please visit the official website.



A person who thinks with words and images

The ideal is to seek God

The shape of God is different depending on the race

Good intentions and gratitude all match

If you go to the depths of your heart

Surprisingly, what a resemblance!

Lonely people, don't worry about your origin

You are in front of the mysteries of the world

It will become one with it.

From the second art book "Nature and Love" published by MARCESTEL in 1989.

"MY THOLOGY" means "myth".



Here is a video of Sion Kazu talking with Mr. MARCESTEL about this art piece.

Limited sale of Giclée prints

​ *Sales are currently suspended.


Left: Original art displayed at Kagurazaka healing salon   Right: Giclée prints 

Limited to 100 Giclée prints of the oil painting " Playing love around the sacred celestial pillar " is on sale.

After ordering the prints, Mr. MARCESTEL adds extra layers of paint for a finishing touch and autographs the piece. 

With this technique, the original art piece is reproduced but includes unique textures different to each order.


As it is completely made-to-order, it is limited to one item per person.

Price including GST ¥ 176,000 (shipping included) 

Giclée prints

Size: length 59.2 cm, width 70.7 cm (outside dimensions including frame)

* Since it is completely made-to-order, it will take some time before delivery.

* Please contact us for shipping to overseas.

Happy voice of the purchaser

I saw the original paintings and the first Giclée prints at the Kagurazaka healing salon. Each one was hand-coloured, unique and beautiful. My print was also hand-coloured and has a beautiful personality that is different from the two art pieces at Kagurazaka. I felt that they were the unique like the Singing Ring Luli.

This print is really powerful and energetic! Playing Singing Ring in front of the print makes me feel better. I’m sure that you will experience the energy of this art piece.

I was very attracted to the painting since viewing the original at the Kagurazaka healing salon.

When I heard that Giclée prints would be sold, I had no choice but to purchase them!

I was very excited to take it out of the box. It was like when I first received Singing Ring Luli.

It is displayed in our living room where the whole family gathers.

The moment I placed it, the room became brighter, and I said thank you for coming to my house. I am happy every day.

The reaction of the children was also interesting, and when I told my son that I bought Markestel's art piece, he said, "I bet our home will be improved" even though he hasn't seen it yet. The moment my daughter saw it, she said, "The energy is high only around this art piece!"

When I placed it, I felt that a gentle light was coming out of it.

This vibration gradually spreads, and the entire living room becomes a comfortable space.

When I played Singing Ring in front of this print, it resonated, and I felt the sound was more powerful.

This print, Singing Ring Luli, and myself… it was a trio of joy. I play Singing Ring in the living room more often now.

Every time I see a print, I feel happy.

About purchase

​We are very sorry, but sales have been temporarily suspended.

* For inquiries regarding this product, please contact the following.

Tokyo office, Sion Inc.


Phone: 080-6608-3690

26-9 Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0827

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