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​Balance the mind and body

​ Five-Sensory therapy Special Campaign




Discover your type of sound from "Forest, Water and Wind".

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​Five-sensory  therapy

Tune your mind and body through the five senses

The mind and body tend to imbalance  during seasonal changes and busy periods.

Keep your mind and body healthy with the ``Wa Yuru veda Five-Sensory Therapy'' that you can easily do every day♪

The mind and body imbalance

Depending on each person's type, there are symptoms that people tend to experience when their balance is disrupted, such as anxiety, irritability, sluggishness, headaches, gastritis, and rhinitis.

Lifestyle advice sheet


With lifestyle advice sheets for each type, you can learn how to balance your mind and body using your five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell.

Find out your type

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With the ``Wayuruveda'' diagnosis, which is a simple systemization of Ayurveda, you can discove which type of sound you have: ``the sound of the forest, the sound of water, or the sound of the wind.''

The mind and body is balanced


By incorporating sounds, colours, aromas, and foods that match the sounds of the forest, water, and wind into your daily life, you can effortlessly restore balance to your mind and body.

​ Campaign details

Experience the power of healing sound that soothes your mind and body♪

A special gift for those who purchase Singing Ring®︎ which has scientifically proven effects and produces rich overtones. And for those who apply for the basic seminar to learn the power of sound and self-healing methods.

When you purchase
Singing Ring

the Five-sensory therapy kit

W​hen you apply for the Basic seminar

​the CD " Divine Sound"

W​hen you purchase Singing Ring with seminar

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​both gifts!

Campaign period

0:00 a.m. March 15,   ~  23:59 p.m. May 15, 2024

The Five-sensory therapy gift Set 


Lifestyle Advice Sheet

Lifestyle advice sheet for either  “Sound of the forest, sound of water, sound of the wind” 

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Personality, food, music, colour, aroma, etc.


Wa Yuru Herbal Te

Special herbal tea for the sounds of forest, water, or wind to balance each type.


Please check if you have any allergies.


Aroma Spray

A special aroma spray for the mind and body of either sounds of forest, water or wind.


Since we cannot ship overseas, we will send you a replacement gift.

CD " Devine Sound"

Produced by Ms. Yukari Tatsumura, of the movie "Gaia Symphony." a popular CD with 8 tracks.  
Singing Ring by Sion Kazu played in a cave.
Sound design by Mr. Yoshihiro Kawasaki .



“When you are immersed in the sound of the Singing Ring, an indescribable sense of comfort arises from deep within your body, and your body and mind are relaxed. This is likely due to sound spirits (waves) resonating with each cell, or even each atom, retuning dissonance into harmonious sounds. Life always desires to play a symphony of harmony."

-Director of the movie “Gaia Symphony” Jin Tatsumura

Application process



Purchase Singing Ring or sign up for our basics from our online shop.

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There is also a set of Singing Ring and seminar


Take a diagnostic test

Please complete the online diagnosis using the link you will receive via email.

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We will notify you of the diagnosis results.


Receive gifts

You will receive a gift along with the Singing Ring or seminar textbook.


Delivery time varies depending on order status.

Product lineup

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Balance the mind and body

Five-Sensory therapy Special Campaign

Take advantage of Singing Ring®'s sound and five-sensory therapy tailored to your type.

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