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Sound healing for your body and mind

Summer Campaign

Singing Ring®

Singing Ring Sound healing

When you feel tired due to weather changes, work stress, or hormonal imbalance,

The sound of Singing Ring®︎ - scientifically proven to balance the mind and body- will support you.

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased calmness

  • Activates the body's cellular water

​ Campaign details

Let's start sound self-care for a healthy mind and body!

Campaign Period
​ June 22 ~ August 20, 2024

For those who purchase
the Singing Ring set

Gift "Playing Love Around the Sacred Celestial Pillar" clear file & postcard

For those applying for the basic/intermediate courses

Get a free download of the "Sound Myth - Harmony" to harmonise the fourth chakra.

For those who purchase
the course and Singing Ring set 

シンギング・リン®×初級講座 (15).png
A and B gift and 1st Chapter of
the Sion's Kindle book as a gift

Playing Love Around the Sacred Celestial Pillar

Posthumous work by French artist, MARCESTEL


MARCESTEL has left behind many works based on Japanese mythology, using a unique technique of adding Urushi lacquer to oil paintings.


He painted  "Playing Love Around the Sacred Celestial Pillar" in which the Japanese God, Izanagi, plays the Singing Ring® and Goddess, Izanami gives her blessing.


We will be giving away this precious work of art as a postcard print and clear file folder.

Sound Myth - Harmony


The CD "Sound Myth" was composed by Kataoka Shinsuke, who is famous for "Moon Tempo 116," performed by Sion Kazu, and supervised by Masatoshi Takeshita


The seven songs in total were created as special pieces to purify and activate the first through seventh chakras.

This time, we are giving away a downloadable version of "Harmony," which harmonizes the fourth chakra.

Sion's Kindle Book


Sion's first English book, "The secret of sound for the mind and body" was published in 2024.  


The book is about frequency, Singing Ring, healing sounds, health, testimonials and world peace, etc.


This time, we will give you the first chapter as a gift.

​*For Japanese speakers, we will send the association's magazine "Harmonia" instead.

About Singing Ring®

An instrument that has been scientifically proven to have a healing effect on the body and mind.

About Basic Seminar

Learn about sound and sound therapy through video and Zoom courses, and practice sound self-care to balance your mind and body!

About Intermediate seminar
Learn body mapping, Crown therapy, Harmonic sound lymphatic drainage, chakra healing etc, through video, zoom and practical training course.

Product lineup


Sound healing for your body and mind

Summer Campaign

Singing Ring®︎

Become healthier and happier with
Singing Ring® sound healing

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