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-A miraculous sound for you-

Singing Ring, the healing instrument is handmade one by one by Japanese craftsman.

Scientific research has proven that the sound of Singing Ring reduces stress and promotes a healthy state of body and mind. Singing Ring will harmonise your body, mind, belongings, house and will support a more balanced life.



Price 180,000 yen

Material: special alloy

Size: Diameter approx. 15cm

Height approx. 8.5cm


Small Stick x1

Carrying bag x1

Rubber sheet x1

Mini cushion x1

Mini size of maintenance wax x1


*Large Stick is not included. Please purchase separately.



【Overseas shipping】

*EMS (Australia, USA, UK, etc.) and DHL are available for shipping.

*EMS is available depending on the country of delivery.

*Please inquire us about shipping methods before ordering.

*Japan Post EMS by air mail (including insurance): Daichi (2.0kg) JPY 13,400

*Other tariffs and fees vary by country. Please pay by yourself when you receive it.

(Example) Australia (Products over $1,000)

Tariff 10%, Percussion tariff 5%, Customs fee $90

*If you would like to use DHL, please let us know so that we can quote the shipping cost.

Singing Ring® Shikkoku ''Daichi''

  • ・Singing Ring is a hand-made acoustic instrument. Each instrument is individually created using traditional craftsmanship methods.

    Due to the unique nature of the manufacturing process, there may be some scratches and unevenness in the wax. Despite this, the quality of the product is not affected.

    ・As the lacquer coating is done by hand, each item may have slightly different colour variations with visible brush marks. Despite this, the quality of the product is not affected.

    ・Singing Ring Luli uses a uniquely developed lacquer that mixes lapis lazuli and pearl powder for the coating. Each instrument is different and unique in colour and varies depending on the product. The quality of the product is unaffected by this colour variation.

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