Enjoy the miracle sound of Singing Ring®︎.

Singing Ring, the healing instrument is handmade one by one by Japanese craftsman.

Scientific research has proven that the sound of Singing Ring reduces stress and promotes a healthy state of body and mind. Singing Ring will harmonise your body, mind, belongings, house and will support a more balanced life.


[Description of item]

Price with tax 275,000 JPY

Material: special alloy
Size: Diameter approx. 25.5cm
Height approx. 11cm


Large Suede Stick

Carrying bag

Mini cushion
Rubber sheet

Mini size of maintenance wax

*Small Suede Stick is not included. Please purchase separately.

【Domestic shipping】

*We will inform you the approx. time of delivery.

*Please advise us if you have preferable time of delivery.


【Overseas Shipping】

* Due to Covid-19 situation,the EMS is currently unavailable and the delivery time is undecided.

The Japan Post international parcel shipping by ship or by DHL is available.

*If you would like to use DHL, please let us know so that we can estimate the shipping cost.

*Estimated Japan Post shipping fee by Ship (including insurance): Uchu (3.5kg) JPY 8,000

*Estimated DHL shipping fee (including insurance): Approximately JPY 42,000

*Other tariffs and fees vary by country. Please pay by yourself when you receive it.

(Example) Australia (Products over $1000)

Tariff 10%, Percussion tariff 5%, Customs fee $90

Singing Ring® Shikkoku “Uchu”