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This is the page is to apply for both Basic and Intermediate seminars and order Singing Ring Performer’s set at the same time.

Combining the basic and intermediate seminar with Singing Ring® will save you ¥20,000 (tax included) for the basic seminar, ¥10,000 off the intermediate seminar, and a 4% discount on Singing Ring®.

*For those who want to take the basic seminar only, we recommend the basic seminar and Singing Ring set.



Click here for the details of the basic seminar

Click here for the details of the intermediate seminar

Click here for Singing Ring® Shikkoku

Click here for Singing Ring® Luli



[Tuition Fee]

Basic seminar tuition

¥46,000 *20,000 yen discount

Intermediate seminar tuition

¥ 188,000 *10,000 yen discount

*Administration fee and textbook delivery fees are included.


[Product price]

Singing Ring® Performer’s set ( four Singing Rings) is 4% discounted from total amount of four Singing Rings. The total amount will change depending on your selection.


[Example of Singing Ring® accessories]

In the case of a combination of 2 Shikkoku Uchu and 2 Shikkoku Daichi

・Large stick x 2

・ Small stick x 2

・ Shikkoku carry bag for Uchu x2

・Shikkoku carry bag for Daichi x2

・Shikkoku carry bag for sticksx4

・Mini cushions x 4

・Rubber sheet x 4

・Mini maintenance set x 4

* Suction cups (2 pieces) are sold separately.


[About the suction cup]

If you don’t have the suction cup, we recommend that you purchase it together. Shipping will be charged if you purchase later (Free shipping for purchases over ¥11,000)

* 2,200 yen (tax included) will be automatically reflected.

* Customers who request a rental Singing Ring do not need to purchase a suction cup as it is included in the package.


[Basic seminar Zoom date 2023]

Saturday, December 16th 10:00~16:30 (Dubai time)

[Basic seminar Zoom date 2024]

Sunday, February 4th

Sunday, March 3rd

Saturday, April 6th

Sunday, May 5th

Saturday, June 8th

Sunday, July 7th

Saturday, August 10th

Sunday, September 8th

Sunday, October 6th

Sunday, November 3rd


[Intermediate seminar English Schedule 2024]

Zoom1: March 2nd + Zoom 2: April 3rd + Practical training: May 25 & 26th

Zoom1: August 18th or 31st + Zoom 2: September 8th or 22nd + Practical training: May 19th&20th


[After application]

After confirming the payment, we will send you a questionnaire, a consent form for the rental Singing Ring, a video link and an assignment form, etc.


[Estimated delivery time of Singing Ring]

Singing Ring® will be delivered within 3 months after confirmation of payment, depending on the production status, so please rent Singing Ring for free when taking the basic seminar.


[About Singing Ring rental]

〇Basic seminar

Those who don’t have Singing Ring or are currently ordering Singing Ring® will also be able to rent Singing Ring for 10 days for free. We will contact you separately as soon as shipping preparations are complete.

*Singing Ring will be delivered 4 days before the Zoom day.

* Those who use the rental service are required to submit a consent form and ID.

* Those who are currently ordering Singing Ring can also rent it for free as well.

*Rental service is available in Japan and Australia (some areas).

〇Intermediate seminar

For those who do not have a Singing Ring®, we will rent out Singing Ring before and after the Zoom 1 and 2 classes and on practical training days.

Rental Fee: 22,000 yen (tax included) per rental

Example) Zoom1: 22,000 yen+Zoom 2: 22,000 yen=44,000 yen

* Free of charge for those who ordered Singing Ring but have not received yet.

* Those who use the rental service are required to submit a consent form and ID.

* Rental service is available in Japan and Australia (some areas).

* Free of charge for the practical training days.

* Rent for 10 days each time.

* Singing Ring will be delivered 4 days before the Zoom day.

* We will contact you separately as soon as shipping preparations are complete.


[About sending textbook overseas]

*Delivery takes approximately 1 week to 10 days.

*There may be delays due to social conditions. Please apply as soon as possible, taking into consideration the timing of sending out the textbook.

[Regarding overseas delivery of Singing Ring®]

*Currently, depending on the delivery country, we use EMS (Australia, USA, UK, etc.) and DHL shipments.

*Some countries do not handle EMS due to social conditions. Please inquire about shipping methods before ordering.

*If you wish to use DHL, please contact us in advance so that we can estimate the shipping cost.

*Other duties and fees vary by country. Please pay by yourself when you receive it.

*Depending on the delivery area, additional charges may be incurred in addition to the above shipping charges.

*Example for Australia (items over $1000) customs duty 10%, percussion duty 5%, customs fee $90





Basic and Intermediate seminars + Performer's set

PriceFrom ¥1,153,527
  • If you would like to give therapy to your family and friends, or work as a sound therapist in the future, we recommend that you learn the intermediate level of theory and practice. In the intermediate seminar, you will practice skills by watching videos and attending Zoom at home. And just go to the practical training venue for only two days.

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