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What's the difference between Shikkoku and Luli ?

hello everyone!

This is Akada from the Sion Inc. customer servise.

Actually, recently, thankfully

Inquiries about Singing Ring®︎

It's increasing at once 📮 𓇢𓅮

This time, the most received among them,

"What's the difference between Shikkoku and Luli ? "about,

I would like to introduce you (^O^)🤍

In conclusion,

The price is also different, so there is a big difference! ?

It is easy to think, but it is very simple.

The difference between Shikkoku and Luli is [color]

[The lacquer material used for the color]! (lol)

…There is no such thing, there must be more.

This surprised me too. It's true 🤭

The size, weight, shape, overtones and frequencies that come out when playing are all the same◎

The craftsman is really amazing, isn't it?

Singing Ring®︎ arriving at the Okayama office,

It's all without the slightest bit of madness. . .

It takes time because it is manufactured one by one,

I have nothing but respect for maintaining high quality every time (´;Д;`)

Singing Ring®︎ is a one-of-a-kind, purely Japanese healing instrument created through the collaboration of various craftsmen, making full use of traditional Japanese craft techniques.🥣〜♪

Singing Ring®︎Shikkoku is Singing Ring®︎ with black lacquer, just like Kanji.

This is the origin of Singing Ring®︎.

Over the years, it will change to a more attractive and beautiful texture.

From there, Singing Ring®︎Ruri was created through further research.

We devised a unique manufacturing method that mixes lapis lazuli (ultramarine) and pearl powder with lacquer.

It is truly a miracle that lacquer was able to create a lapis lazuli color.

It is the culmination of the efforts of the developer Wamaon and the craftsmen 💎

So, if I were to mention the differences other than color and material,

[The lapis lazuli is a miraculous color,

It is the crystallization of the efforts of Wamaon and the craftsmen]

Do you mean 😉

Of course, Ruri is also wonderful, but

After all, the most popular color is jet black. . .

Shikkoku, which allows you to fully enjoy the original brilliance of lacquer,

Loved by people of all ages and generations,

It's a color that you can accept.

Whether it's Shikkoku or Luli,

Once you start using it, it will be your own Singing Ring®︎.

I think there are expressions that only you can show.

Thank you for reading this far,

thank you very much! !

You are Shikkoku and Luli,

Which do you prefer? ? 💞

Likes and comments from everyone,

We are waiting for you~~ 🌐

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