[Overseas] EMS shipping fee * Only in available countries


The available countries only: USA, UK, France, etc.

Please be sure to inquire in advance if the delivery area is available before you order the products.



Sion Inc. Secretariat: mail@sion-inc.com



The EMS shipping fee is the sum of the shipping fee of 10,000 (* 1) and the additional fee of 11,000 yen.


(* 1) The shipping fee is the amount when ordering a self-healing set.

Please note that the amount of shipping charges will vary depending on the content of your order.




・ Delivery period varies depending on the region.

・ Additional charges may be incurred depending on the content of your order.

・ Delivery may be refused depending on the delivery area.

・Please understand there is a possibility that your delivery may be difficult due to corona-virus infection.

・ If EMS delivery is difficult, please contact us for information on surface mail, DHL, and UPS.


[How to order]

1. 1. Add the desired product to the cart with SHOP

2. If you wish EMS delivery, please contact us in advance and add [Overseas] EMS delivery fee to your cart.

3. After confirming your order, proceed to the cashier

4. Enter shipping information

5. Select "International parcel shipping service" in "2. Delivery method"

* The total shipping fee is the shipping fee and the EMS shipping fee.

6. Payment method selection, order completion

7. After confirming payment, you will receive an email confirming your order and shipping method from Sion Inc.


[Overseas] EMS shipping fee * Only in available countries