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The beautiful harmony of Singing Ring and nature created by the great sound designer, Yoshihhiro Kawasaki.


“When listening to this CD, indescribable feelings emerge from the inside and relax my body and mind. I guess that the vibration of this music will resonate with each atom and body cell and tune them to a harmonious state. Life always wishes to play a harmonious symphony”. Jin Tatsumura, Director of the movie “Gia Symphony.”


Chapter 1: Dew drop of time

Chapter 2: Divine sound

Chapter 3: Wave of wind

Chapter 4: Water planet

Chapter 5: Green heartbeat

Chapter 6: Moon currents

Chapter 7: Silent prayer

Chapter8: Tuning of Spirit


Singing Ring: Sion Kazu

Sound design: Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Produce: Yukari Tastumura

Language: Japanese



(without consumption tax) 3,000 JPY


* This product is only available in Japan unless Singing Ring is purchased together.

CD Seinaru Rinne (Divine Sound)

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