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The article of Singing Rin® is posted!

With gift of special CD ♪


October 2020 issue September 7 release

The "sound" therapy therapist that opens the heart



There are various methods and items to heal your mind and body, but this issue thoroughly explains the therapeutic effects of "essential oil" and "sound." In the first special issue, we will explain the chemistry of aroma in Q&A format. The second issue of "sound" therapy focuses on 15 different tones. You can also enjoy the CD of Singing Ring as a special gift!

A sound therapy that rejuvenates the body, releases the mind, and brings deep healing to the soul. Of course, it can be very effective when used alone, but now the number of therapists who combine it with various therapies such as aromatherapy, bodywork, and counseling is increasing. The technology that can send and adjust the harmonious vibration to the disturbed rhythm without touching the client directly creates a synergistic effect by using it at the beginning and end of the session. While increasing customer satisfaction, the practitioner himself will be wrapped in comfort... Please experience the effects and possibilities of such sound therapy.



Special supplement DVD Resonance resonance of Singing Ring®︎ "ultimate Harmonic overtone", immunity up!

By listening to this CD, you can experience the four steps of "purification", "meditation", "chakra activation" and "comfort". All the overtones that are characteristic of singing phosphorus activate cells and improve the flow of blood, lymph, etc.





Magazine "Therapist October issue"


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