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Christmas Gift Campaign until December 25th 2020

Great gift for your loved one to reduce their stress and improve their immunity with sound therapy! For those of you who have purchased a Drainage Gift Voucher, we will give you one original herbal tea from the three types of forest, water, and wind!



A 120-minute gift certificate for the blissful sound therapy "Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage" that you have never experienced before is now available!


[What is Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage?]

This is a Singing Ring sound therapy individual session that combines Ayurveda and aromatherapy using 5 Singing Rings. You can experience a sense of bliss by creating a deep meditative state, surrounded by a subtle Harmonic overtone "dome of sound."


In the session, we offer three types of courses to suit each constitution.


" Forest Sound " Course: Those who want to reduce stress and relax deeply

" Sound of water " course: Those who want to cool down and calm down.

" Wind Sound " Course: Those who want to refresh and rejuvenate their mind and body.


120 minutes session with consultation and lifestyle advice.


[Recommended for people]

・ Those who have a lot of stress

・ Those who have a heavy mind and body

・ Those who want to improve their immunity

・ Those who cannot sleep well

・ Those who are busy every day and cannot get rid of their fatigue

・ Those who want to experience a meditative state

・ Those who is suffering from anxiety


【Expected effects】

・ Adjust the frequency that has disturbed the mind and body

・ Loosen the stiffness and stagnation accumulated due to various stresses, etc.

・ Deep healing of mind and body

・ Regain our original rhythm

・ Activate whole body cells and chakras

・ Improves blood, lymph, and qi flow

・ Natural healing power is restored and immunity is improved.

・ Higher sleep quality



・ I feel refreshed in my mind and body

・ The swelling of the body was removed

・ The limbs became warm and warm

・ The stiffness of the whole body has become easier

・ My heart became lighter

・ I don't worry much anymore

・ Back pain has improved

・ I was able to experience a deep meditation state

・ I slept soundly


Singing Ring's Sound Therapy rebalances the mind and body, and helps you to remember your original condition.

We hope you will take this opportunity to try it out.



[ Notice ]

* After purchasing at the online shop, the office will email you a gift certificate. (It may be the next business day)

* As a gift, please send it as it is by e-mail or LINE, or print it out to hand it over.

* The gift certificate is the "120-minute session for first time". We cannot accept as the second and subsequent session.

* When using a gift certificate, please check the availability of the session and make a reservation by email or phone.

* Singing Ring sound therapy is aimed at relaxation, not medical treatment. If you are on medication, under treatment or pregnant, please check with your doctor before the session.


Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session Gift Certificate

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