-A miracle tone for you-

It is a set of Singing Ring Luli "Daichi" and "Uchu".

By playing the Daichi and Uchu at the same time, the vibration range of each will spread and you will feel more power than playing alone.

A self-healing set with beautiful colours and acoustics that makes your body and mind more harmonious.

It is a discounted price compared to purchasing each item individually.

Due to the special lacquer casting, we do not recommend moving it over your body with a suction cup.


【Description of item】

Price with tax ¥642,510

Singing Ring Lulii "Uchu" x 1
Singing Ring Luli "Daichi" x 1


・Large suede stick x 1
・Small suede stick x 1
・Luli carrying bag (or bowl and stick) x 2
・Luli Mini cushion × 2
・Rubber sheet x 2
・Mini maintenance set x 2

【Domestic shipping】

*As this is a complete reservation sale, it may take some time before delivery.

*We will inform you of the delivery time of the product as soon as it is known.



【Overseas shipping】

* Due to Covid-19 situation, the EMS is currently unavailable and the delivery time is undecided.

* If you would like to use DHL, please let us know so that we can estimate the shipping cost.

*Estimated shipping fee (including insurance): Self-healing set (5.5kg) 13,150 yen
*Estimated shipping fee (including insurance): Approximately 43,150 yen.

*Other tariffs and fees vary by country. Please pay by yourself when you receive it.
(Example) Australia (Products over $1000)
・Tariff 10 %, percussion 5 %, customs fee $90

Self-Healing Set B


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