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This is the product page for a self-healing set ( two Singing Ring).


You can combine Shikkoku and Luli according to your preference.



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[Product price]


 ¥480,200~ (excluding 10% tax)


*For deliveries outside of Japan, a separate shipping fee will be charged.



[Example of accessories]

<Eg. In the case of a combination of Shikkoku Uchu and Shikkoku Daichi>

・ Large stick x 1

・ Small stick x 1

・ Carry bag for Singing Ring®Shikkoku Uchu x 1

・ Carry bag for Singing Ring®Shikkoku Daichi x 1

・ Carry bag for stick x 1

・ Mini cushions x 2

・ Rubber sheet x 2

・ Mini maintenance set x 2



[About the suction cup]

If you don’t have the suction cup, we recommend that you purchase it together. Shipping will be charged if you purchase later (Free shipping for purchases over ¥11,000)


* Suction cups (2 pieces) are sold separately. Place your order here



[Delivery method]

 Japan: Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

 Overseas: EMS



[Estimated delivery time]

Singing Ring® will be delivered within 3 months after confirmation of payment, depending on the production status.



[Regarding overseas delivery of Singing Ring®]

*Currently, depending on the delivery country, we use EMS (Australia, USA, UK, etc.) and DHL shipments.

*Some countries do not handle EMS due to social conditions. Please inquire about shipping methods before ordering.

*If you wish to use DHL, please contact us in advance so that we can estimate the shipping cost.

*Other duties and fees vary by country. Please pay by yourself when you receive it.

*Depending on the delivery area, additional charges may be incurred in addition to the above shipping charges.

*Example for Australia (items over $1000) customs duty 10%, percussion duty 5%, customs fee $90

Singing ring®self-healing set

PriceFrom ¥480,200
  • Chose your favourite combination and enjoy miraculous sound

    Singing Ring is a healing instrument handcrafted one by one using traditional Japanese techniques. Various academic studies have verified that the sound reduces mental and physical stress and promotes health. Harmonize your mind and body, your personal belongings and your home, and support a more peaceful and harmonious life.

    Singing Ring® Luli is a precious work of art that preserves the miraculous tone as it is and expresses the beautiful colour with a special lacquer mixed with lapis lazuli and pearl powder.

    By playing the Daichi and the Uchu at the same time, the wide range of frequencies can be played and you can enjoy the most basic self-healing and sound therapy with this set.

  • ◇Please note the following Singing’s characteristics.

    ・ Singing Ring is a hand-made acoustic instrument created one by one by craftsmen using traditional craftsmanship methods. There is no problem with product quality.

    ・ Urushi lacquer coating is done by hand by traditional craftsmen, so each item may have slightly different colours and may have brush marks, etc., but there is no problem with the quality of the product.

    ・ Singing Ring Luli uses a uniquely developed lacquer that mixes lapis lazuli and pearl powder, and each colour is different and unique, so the difference in colour varies depending on the product. There is no problem with quality.



    ◇About exchanges and returns

    We accept exchanges and returns of delivered products only if they are different from what you ordered or if they are damaged. If applicable, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the product for a return or exchange.


    We cannot accept exchanges or returns in the following cases.

    ・ Products with different from what you imagined.

    ・ Products that have been used once.

    ・ Items that are damaged or soiled after receipt.

    ・ Products with missing accessories

    ・ Products that have been soiled, damaged, or defective due to the customer's responsibility (including accessories that have smells such as cigarettes or perfumes, or have foundation or pet hair attached)

    ・ Items that have been exchanged or returned at the customer's discretion without any special reason after 8 days or more have passed since the item arrived.

    ・ Exchange to a different product or colour.




    ・ Cancellations and changes to order details after the order has been completed due to customer convenience can only be handled if the product has not been shipped.

    ・ For returns due to customer reasons such as refusal to receive the item or long-term absence, the return shipping fee may be deducted from the refund price or charged separately.

    ・ Although we take all possible measures regarding quality, etc., in the unlikely event that "the product is different from the ordered product" or "the product has significant scratches or stains", we will cover the shipping fee for exchanges and returns due to incorrect shipments or product defects.

    ・ Depending on the stock status, etc., you may have to wait for the replacement product to be delivered.

    ・ It may take longer than usual during Japanese Golden Week, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.



    ◇About refund

    <In the case of bank transfer>

    Refunds will be made by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer.

    *In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience, we will refund the amount after deducting the transfer fee.


    <For credit card payment>

    We will process the cancellation of the payment through the credit card company.

    At the time of the refund procedure, if the billing has already been confirmed due to the closing date of the credit card used, the settlement amount cannot be changed, so the refund will be made by bank transfer.

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