-A miracle tone for you-
It is a set of two Daichi and three Uchu.
Singing Rings cause a perfect resonance phenomenon.

Multiple Singing Rings provide richer overtones and vibration healing effects.
This set is ideal for those who want to practice sound therapy.

All of the pictures and amounts shown are for Shikkoku, but you can freely mix with Luli.


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【Description of item】

Price with tax ¥1,114,080 (when all Shikkoku)

Singing Ring "Uchu" x 3
Singing Ring "Daichi" x 2



  • Large suede stick x 3
  • Small suede stick x 2
  • Carrying bag(for bowl and stick) x 5
  • Mini cushion x 5
  • Rubber sheet × 5
  • Mini maintenance set x 5

*Gift! Suction cup (2 included) x 1

【Domestic shipping】
*Luli is a complete reservation sale, so please allow some time for delivery.