Online Singing Ring Sound Bath and Meditation

~Emersed in the sound of a miracle instrument, Singing Ring ~


Anyone can easily experience the meditative state by lying down and feeling the sound and vibration of Singing Ring.

The scientific data shows that harmonic overtones reduce stress and calm your mind.


Entry fee

2000 yen



Online Youtube Live





Wednesday, August 18, 2021 from 20:00 to 21:00 in Japanese.


Friday, 27th August 2021. 19:30-20:30pm In English



What is Singing Ring Sound Bath and Meditation?

When playing multiple Singing Rings, the harmonic sound resonate each other and create a healing sound dome.

Participants will be asked to lie down comfortably on a yoga mat at home.




10:00 Greetings

10:15 Sound bath meditation starts

10:50 Feedback time

11:00 Finish

* Schedule may change.


Please prepare

(1) Wifi, laptops /mobile phones/tablets, etc.

(2) Singing Ring, sticks, suction cap, rubber sheet

* You can participate even if you do not have them. It is easier to experience meditation if you have Singing Ring ♪

(3) Yoga mats, towels, cushions, etc.

* For you to sit or lie down on the floor.


Online Singing Ring Sound Bath and Meditation

  • * Please note that we cannot refund if you cannot contact us due to cancellation due to customer's convenience or cancellation of the workshop from us.

    * If the event cannot be held due to the operator's circumstances, we will either refund the full amount or change the schedule.


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