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Sion public talk & Ring-joy

workshop in Kobe

ベージュとグレー シンプル 朝 ヨガのレッスン YouTubeサムネイル (2).png

Sion is coming to Kobe! You can hear various stories related to Singing Ring® directly! There is also Ring-joy, a play that uses Singing Ring®♪ We look forward to your participation.

Casual trial session


We will hold a hands-on session where you can see, touch and feel the miraculous instrument "Singing Ring®".

Enjoy the sound, feel the vibration, and experience the sound therapy to heal yourself.

You can also enjoy the "mini sound bath" where you can experience a relaxing meditation experience.

Singing Ring Yoga


It is a meditation physical care that uses the Singing Ring to experience sound and vibration (all overtones and co-overtones) and harmonise the body, mind and soul.

You can also enjoy a small meditation using Singing Ring Luli.

Singing Ring Sound Therapy


Immerse yourself in a Singing Ring's exquisite harmonic overtones and vibration. 

You will experience the ultimate relaxation experience.

Gift cards for your loved oneshere

Information on certified therapists nationwidehere

Movie "Gaia Symphony Nos. 9 and 6"

Screening & ​Singing Ring Experience


"Earth is itself a living organism"

Singing Ring appears in No. 6.  After the screening, you can experience Singing Ring mini sound therap.

Experience the healing sound of Singing Ring along with beautiful images.

Movie "Roots" screening & special sound bath meditation


After watching movie "Roots" ​by director, Satoshi Shiratori, you can experience a special sound bath meditation session. There is also a video of a talk between Sion and director Shiratori that can only be seen here♪

Practice Group Lesson



For students and graduates of all Singing Ring courses. Brush up on the skills you learned in the course and receive therapy for yourself. Group or private, in person or online! 

​Online event

Singing Ring® Birthday party!! Online

和真音 講演会 & リンジョイ (2) (1).png

Continuing from last year, we will be holding the Singing Ring birthday party online (Zoom) this year as well! Connect with Singing Ring friends from around the world and celebrate together ♡ We look forward to your participation!

Singing Ring LIFE Joyful Class


Join fun classes with various Singing Ring Life instructors.

Learn in the class of the theme you are interested in, and enjoy every day lightly♪

Clay therapy, art therapy, Yoga philosofy etc, and improve your quality of life!

Luli Lovers Chat


The world's first lapis lazuli Urushi lacquered Singing Ring, Luli.  

Anyone who is attracted to Singing Ring Luli can participate and chat about Luli!

Participation fee is free.

21Days Self Care ♡ Program

第4回セルフケアプログラム (2).jpg

Continue daily self-care for 3 weeks, you will feel more energetic.​ Participation is free!

Refresh your body and mind with the sound of Singing Ring. 

You can participate without ​Singing Ring.

​A very popular program with 100 participants♪

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